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Mentoring Update



This year’s mentoring theme is “Strengthening the Mind,” which we are incorporating into many of our events as well as looking for ways to enhance our mentoring program with that idea in mind. The summer has been full of activities of our matches and waiting list youth such as tickets to Music Theatre of Wichita’s Sound of Music, courtesy of the Koch Foundation, a trip to the arcade, and checking out the new water park in town. We currently have 135 mentoring matches and 47 children waiting to be matched with a mentor. Some of the new initiatives we are looking into include more training opportunities for our mentors and more resources and support for the parents. We are excited to announce our Academic First program for the 2019-2020 school year. The purpose of this program is to ensure that each of our youth in the mentoring program is successful academically. Our plan is to offer monthly training for our mentors and parents to equip them with simple strategies and tools that reinforce the importance of academic excellence. Our goal is to make certain that every youth in the mentoring program graduates from high school.

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