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Newsletter – September 2019



Every morning as I drive to the office of Youth Horizons, I thank God for the opportunity to serve.  I’m so grateful that I can truly call “Work” my ministry. I lay witness to the positive difference Youth Horizons is making in the lives of the youth it serves. 

A few weeks ago, I was having a conversation with the boys at Kinloch Price Boys Ranch and to hear them express their gratitude because of the love they feel from our staff, brings joy to my heart.  I also heard a presenter say with great passion when attending the 2019 Global Leadership Summit, “We can’t be a true inspiration unless we are inspired”.  I’m inspired by each and every one of you and the difference you are making in this great world.  We all come from different backgrounds and different circumstances.  But it’s wonderful to know that our dear Lord is the God of our differences and the God of our circumstances.  God uses our differences to make the difference in the world.  And so… I say, “THANK YOU” for making a difference.

Whether you support us through prayer, through service or financially, your stewardship allows us to be the vehicle of support to the broken and to the fatherless.  God is using Youth Horizons to truly equip, empower and inspire our youth and their families to live a life of faith, hope and abundance.   This is an exciting time for our families because it’s the beginning of another school year.

The mentoring program kicked off an Academics First concept in August and had an amazing turnout of both mentors and parents at our first training session.  The Academics First training program will allow both parents and mentors to work together to support the importance of Excellence in the classroom.  We want all of our Youth to be equipped with the confidence to succeed in school, ultimately graduate from high school and move on to some type of post-secondary educational institution.

I’m also excited to announce the start of another program at Youth Horizons called the Wren Project.  The late Keith Wren left Youth Horizons with a generous portion of his estate.  He left us with a vision and gave us direction in starting a ministry that would serve girls.  I have assembled a Wren Project Task Force who will be charged with the work of studying what the needs are in the Wichita community.  The work of the task force will help to create the initial concept of the Girls ministry.  This concept will empower us to serve and develop our girls who lay vulnerable to the difficulties and overwhelming challenges in their lives.  Please join me in prayer as we embark on this wonderful journey.   Over the next few months I will keep you apprised as we progress with the Wren Project.

I’m grateful,


Robert Garner

President, Youth Horizons



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