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Ranch Update

We have had an extremely busy and exciting first half of the year. We recently had six residents successfully leave our program, many of whom had lived with us for over a year. One of the residents was kinship adopted, three were reintegrated back into their family homes, one went into independent living, and the last one graduated high school and will be attending college in the fall. God is good! We have been running at full capacity for most of the year, meaning we have 21 residents. Due to regulations with staffing requirements, that is the max we can currently have until God brings us more staff. The regulations do allow us to have more residents at night (sleeping) and still be within the ratio. Since we can have more kids at night we have expanded the respite piece of our program. This means that we are taking in kids at night on top of the 21 current residents. We are averaging 6 a night, which means we have a total of 27 residents during those hours. The respite residents are youth that are awaiting placement. There is a great lack of homes for youth in the foster care system. These youth have been sleeping in offices while awaiting placement in the past. We are trying to provide a safe place and a bed while they wait for placement. Please be praying for our youth in the foster care system, and please pray that God will provide additional staff for the ranch so that we might be able to take in more boys long term during the day.

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