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Letter from Robert


Each month I feel the need to express my appreciation for the support you continue to give. We continue to work hard in the spirit of collaboration and fellowship at Youth Horizons. We do not take for granted your kindness, but with every act of kindness shown to Youth Horizons, we consider it a blessing from God. My appreciation to the many hundreds of people who support us comes not just because of the financial aspect. I’m equally appreciative that so many of you also volunteer your time, talent and energy to both our mentoring and residential programs. 

I feel compelled to acknowledge just a few of the many partnerships we are blessed by. First, I want to acknowledge the support from one of our newest supporters. I want to say thank you to the Jo Zakas Legacy Foundation for its generous support to our mentoring program. I also want to acknowledge the hard work and the many volunteer hours from several members of First Mennonite Brethren Church and Riverlawn Christian Church. The time and hard work that both of these church communities have given to make the much needed improvements at the Wren Property have been matchless. As you know from last month’s newsletters, we have launched the “Wren Project” Task Force to begin developing the initial concept for ministry on the Wren Property. 

Another partnership is from my very own church, River Community. River Community Church has certainly been supportive by investing quality time with the boys at Kinloch Price Boys Ranch. The monthly investment they are making by eating dinner with the boys, social emotional development, playing kickball, basketball and board games is showing our boys love and attention. I think of the text from Hebrews 10:24, “And let us consider how we might spur one another on towards love and good deed.” Undoubtedly, the personal time that some of the men from River Community Church is giving our boys will certainly pay off favorably in due season. 

My daily challenge to the Residential Staff is to remain faithful to their calling and to not become weary in well doing. The scope of work at Kinloch Price Boys Ranch is difficult and very challenging at times. Nonetheless, our staff would tell you, “the work is worth it.” Our staff needs encouragement and prayer daily. They are in the trenches and are being stretched, yet I’m shaken to tears when I see how deeply our house parents love the boys and how passionately they serve them. Their calling to serve is evident. Please pray, with me the context of Galatians 6:9, “God let us not become weary in doing good. God, increase our faith and trust that at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Lord, your word is the truth and it never fails.” Amen!

On another positive note, we are becoming increasingly excited about our upcoming annual Christmas Concert. The program will be uplifting and I am pleased to announce that this year we will have a plated dinner, served to you. As always Earnest will sing, but he will be joined by local talent from some of the youth in Wichita along with other special guests. 



Robert Garner

President, Youth Horizons

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