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Match Highlight

Meet Ross and William! Ross is a part of Grace Communion Derby, and William is in 2nd grade. They meet together once a week at Swaney Elementary School in Derby. Here is what Ross has to say about mentoring in the school:

“My interest started with finding a way to get our church connected to the Derby area. It has now gone far beyond that – William is a cool kid that has provided me with valuable life skills like which Nerf gun to use during a zombie attack. We talk about fun things over lunch, like the Great Wall of China and vacation spots in Colorado. Sometimes we go out to the playground and other times we stay in and play checkers. I did not know how many ways a checker king could move.  I have also been able to connect with many of his classmates and the school staff. I just got back from being a sponsor for the boys during a field trip to the Derby Rec Center. I now work with the recycle club after school. What impact has mentoring had on me? I have a reason to get up and one more place to share God’s love with others. I get a lot of hugs and high fives from the kids in line for lunch and on the playground. This is the start of my 2nd year. At the end of last year William and I were talking about what was next — He said I could graduate to the 2nd grade — so I did. It is fun, not work.”

Would you like to impact a child’s life by sharing one lunch time a week with them at school? Contact Hayley at or 262-8293 for more information.

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