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Letter from Robert – November 2019


To say that I have been busy the past several weeks is an understatement. I have been working dutifully with the “Wren Project” taskforce and have been overjoyed with excitement about the progress we are making. We are moving closer and closer to determining the concept of ministry to serve girls.  A few weeks ago, I engaged a panel of experts in the community who are currently working in ministry to meet the overwhelming needs of our young girls. The panel of experts clearly communicated the need is great. The challenges our young girls face are multi-faceted. They live a reality of brokenness, their self-esteem is crippled and they are vulnerable in so many ways. The Wren Project will allow us the opportunity to support them and with God’s help meet many of their needs. I pray that God will continue to lead our discussions and as we continue to cast vision for this ministry, I will keep you apprised of our needs and provide opportunities for you to be involved. 

If you have not heard the news, Youth Horizons will be moving to a different facility. Even before I assumed the role as President, the vision for renovating our current facility was in discussion. The challenge for me was to determine the feasibility of us staying in our current facility or moving to another facility. After prayer and seeking the input of my accountability support group, it became apparent that we should move. The entire staff, our Board of Directors and I are excited about the possibility of our new facility. I will share its location in December and we will have an Open House sometime in January or February. I am confident you will love the facility. We are seeking financial support for a small renovation project. I am asking for your prayers and if you feel led to support this project financially, as always, we will be grateful.

The Christmas concert is right around the corner and will take place on December 2nd at the Crown Uptown Theatre. We want to be responsive to the feedback so many of you gave about last year’s program. I am so excited about the talent portion of the program and the fact that we will be serving a plated dinner. The long buffet line will no longer happen and the talent portion will feature Earnest Alexander and a spectacular line up of local talent. I hope you will join us again as we joyfully bring in the Christmas Holiday season.

The Holiday season is such a wonderful time for my family and me. But, I recognize it may not be the case for many of the families we serve. Please join Youth Horizons in prayer for those families who struggle during this season. 



Robert Garner

President, Youth Horizons

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