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New Marketing Director


In 2011, I became a volunteer mentor through Youth Horizons and quickly developed a passion for the ministry. In 2013, I joined the staff of the mentoring team as a Mentor Coach. In 2017, I was promoted to Mentoring Director, and have loved leading the mentoring team to new levels of support for our mentoring matches and continued growth. Now I am excited to take on the role of Marketing Director. This new position will allow me to fully focus on growth: to spread awareness of the organization in the community, to recruit quality mentors for the 50+ children we have on the waiting list, and to develop new business and church partnerships. I hope to also help our donors and supporters gain a deeper perspective of the work we do and the many incredible employees of Youth Horizons that I get to work alongside as they serve children and families with conviction, care, and the love of Jesus every day. I pray that I can now devote my time to help others join in on the conviction that I have to walk alongside the youth in our community who need a caring adult when no one else is rising to the occasion. We must be the ones to step up.

Please reach out to me at (316)262-8293 ext. 209 or if you would like to join us.

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