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Note from Robert – January 2020

Greetings and Happy New Year! The year 2019 was a steady year of transition for Youth Horizons. However, in the midst of the transition, what was exciting for me to see unfold were the tremendous opportunities for growth in the services we provide. We are just a few weeks away from moving and are super excited about our new workspace. I am looking forward to seeing you in February at our Open House and Reception.

During our annual Christmas Concert, I announced “Horizons 2020”. Horizons 2020 is a plan that I will explain in more detail in the February newsletter. It will entail our priorities for the year 2020. For the past few months, we have worked diligently and collaboratively as an organization to create our shared core values. Those values are Gospel-Driven, Commitment, Relationships, Professionalism, and Community. Our work will be anchored around five simple questions as we determine if the work aligns with who we are as a ministry (see “Strategic Anchors”).

As we continue to experience the goodness and the blessings of God, Youth Horizons will continue to focus its work around our mission of equipping youth and families… and our vision of breaking the cycle…. Our shared core values will manifest themselves in our daily work. In brief, Horizons 2020 for our Residential Program at Kinloch Price Boys Ranch will focus on an expansion of services for our boys that promote independence, along with social-emotional and spiritual wholeness. We will continue to develop the concept for ministry on the Wren Property so that by the end of the year or very early in 2021 we can actually launch the concept and announce our plan to build a residential facility that serves girls. Our Mentoring Program will continue its focus on mentor recruitment, training and coaching. We will continue to focus on relationships by being gospel-driven in a very nurturing way. Our mentors have been unequivocally committed to transforming the lives of their protégés and we are grateful for them. Whereas our focus remains on serving Youth, it is however imperative that we begin to shift some of our efforts on the family as well. Horizons 2020 will be about a true and deliberate collaboration that promotes the expansion of church involvement and support from the business community. We will promote our work in such a way that the Wichita community fully understands our ministry. In my devotion the past few weeks, Psalms 121 has been the context of my prayer time. I remind myself each day that I simply cannot do this work alone. I am hopeful for your continued support, encouragement and prayers. I remain committed to the work of Youth Horizons and to the full assurance that God will be honored in all that we do each day to make His will known to the Wichita community. Will you pray for me and with me?


Robert Garner

President, Youth Horizons

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  • Joyce Whitaker

    Reply January 13, 2020 6:33 am

    Great post and I know you will do great things for the organization!

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