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Coming Full Circle – Paul Williams

Paul Williams
Paul Williams, Grant Writer

I started out with Youth Horizons some 30 years ago when several of us mutual friends had a vision for a youth ministry.  I named the organization and designed the first logo but it was left to Earnest Alexander and Jeff Wenzel to carry the ball – and well they did. Over the years, like many people, I’ve given donations, mentored kids, and of course prayed for Youth Horizons.  Now, I’m semi-retired and working at Youth Horizons as a grant application writer. It’s a difficult but interesting task.  Please pray we are successful in receiving grant support this year.

My passion for at-risk youth is rooted in my love for Jesus and my own four daughters.  I wish that all children could experience a loving two-parent home but alas living in a broken world brings brokenness and suffering.  The good news is we can still live in God’s will and find purpose by giving our lives to people who are in need of love, guidance, and the good news of Jesus Christ.

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