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The Wren Project : Tax Credit Opportunity

A future residential program for girls

A 40-acre property given to us by Keith Wren to be used to serve girls at-risk of human trafficking

As we prepare to begin building our new residential program for girls, we are applying for the 2020 Tax Credit Grant, which is a tax credit incentive for donors. All Kansas taxpayers (individuals and businesses) who donate $250 or more are eligible to receive 50% back in tax credits from the State of Kansas. These show up as a credit on your state of Kansas’ state taxes. If your KS tax liability is less than your tax credit, the difference is refunded.

Please consider a gift to Youth Horizons that is specific to the Wren Project and that is over and above your normal organizational gift. Please help us spread the word to anyone who may be interested in participating.

Interested in pledging to give if the tax credit is granted? Please send an email to by May 25 stating how much you would like to donate or call us at (316) 262-8293.


-Tentative Timeline-

Summer 2020 — Zoning/Permits

Fall 2020 — Capital Campaign

Winter 2020 — Architect and Design, Awareness, Support

Summer 2021 — Projected Construction, Staff Training

Winter 2021 — Launch of Program




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