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Mentoring Staff Update

CAYM Mentoring Program Training


Image of Donnovan Karber, CAYM National Field Director

Donnovan Karber, CAYM National Field Director

Youth Horizons’ Mentoring Program is enjoying updated training during a time of transition. This training is being provided by The Christian Association of Youth Mentoring (CAYM). CAYM supports faith-based, youth-mentoring organizations across the country. Its training focuses on best practices, relationship-building, overcoming mentoring challenges and more. CAYM is helping YH develop safe, effective, and sustainable programs.

Related, we are pleased to share that the training is being guided by a familiar face and former YH employee, Donnovan Karber who is also serving as YH’s Interim Mentoring Director. Donnovan provides a wealth of mentoring experience and expertise for YH’s community and residential mentoring. He is the National Field Director for CAYM. He worked for YH from 1998 – 2010, in both the residential and mentoring programs. In 2004, he attended CAYM training and used its evidence-based methods to triple the number of mentoring relationships in his previous tenure with Youth Horizons’ mentoring program. Donnovan and the CAYM team are working with YH’s residential program to develop a new mentoring model — in partnership with local churches — for the boys and young men who reside at Kinloch Price Boys Ranch.

Donnovan sees YH as a major mentoring resource and a source of hope for struggling youth and families in Wichita. He is excited that through his CAYM work he can help expand and improve YH mentoring efforts.

 We are blessed and thankful that Donnovan is serving as YH’s Interim Mentoring Director while he trains and consults over the next few months!

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