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Welcome to Kinloch Kloset

Kinloch Kloset: A New Donation Destination


Reneene Wenzel Showing the Kinloch Kloset

Reneene Wenzel Showing the Kinloch Kloset.

There is a new go-to place for clothing at Youth Horizons’ Kinloch Price Boys Ranch. It’s aptly called Kinloch Kloset, a sort of makeshift thrift store that houses donated clothing, shoes and other needed every day items for the boys living at the ranch. Located in the attic of the KPBR Administrative Office, Kinloch Kloset provides (at no cost for the boys) gently worn short- and long-sleeved shirts, trousers, casual and athletic shorts, a few jackets and coats and athletic shoes; and a small shelf for hygiene products.

Kinloch Kloset is the brainchild of KPBR Administrative Assistant Reneene Wenzel. Reneene discovered the attic with strewn clothing and other goods when she began working at the Ranch this summer. Where others may have seen a mess to avoid, Reneene saw potential and purpose in the attic and its stored items, so she started organizing the seldom-used space. She obtained rods, hangers and tables for the clothing and sorted them by similar items and sizes. Her attention to detail transformed the attic, providing the space with order and sense of pride.

Photo of the Kinloch Boys Thrift store

Reneene’s passion for serving youth goes back to Youth Horizons’ origins. Her late husband is YH cofounder Jeff Wenzel. The first house at KPBR is named in honor of Jeff, who served as YH’s executive director until he passed in April 2007. Recently Reneene returned to the ranch from a few weeks of working remotely at home, and was pleased to discover many items gone and the attic again a little disorderly. It was late August, back-to-school time; the boys had been visiting Kinloch Kloset.

“The boys have been shopping!” she said, recalling her reaction when she entered the attic. “They need clothing.”

Needs remain

The boys need more shoes, many more coats as another Kansas winter approaches and preferred teenage items – including items like hoodies, sweat pants and other athletic gear. “We really need youth sizes, like sizes 14 through 16,” said Reneene. Also, she could use volunteers to build more structures to hold the clothing and sort through donated clothing.


To donate or learn more, please contact Reneene at (316) 744-3247 or Drop off donated clothes at KPBR in Valley Center, 11349 N. Woodlawn.

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