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Aiming for mentoring success

Aiming for Mentoring Success


A good indicator of Mentor-Protege success is common interest. For example, if the Mentor and Protégé both enjoy the same hobby that shared passion will strengthen their bond and time together. Take Matt Hampton and Tristan. They’ve been matched for more than five years. Their mutual hobby is trap shooting. They are members of the Ark Valley Gun Club as part of the Valley Center Trap team. They also participate in many outdoor activities, such as dove hunting, fishing and kayaking. Matt attributes their strong relationship partly to their shared interests.” If there’s a secret to our success,” Matt said, “it’s just persistence (or maybe it’s that I feed him frequently!). We’ve always gotten along fine, but it’s gotten better and easier as he’s gotten older and his interests have developed. It helps that his interests fit with my interests well. His mom (Cynthia) is a big part of our success, because she’s so easy to work with and is so supportive. She’s a good mom to him and they have a really good relationship.”

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