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Kinloch Price Boys Ranch Update

Kinloch Price Boys Ranch Update


KPBR training session

KPBR training session

Regular training is essential for staff at Kinloch Price Boys Ranch. There, Youth Horizons serves about 25 foster care youth who require nurturing, empathy and skilled intervention strategies to overcome adverse life circumstances. Recently, YH President Robert Garner and Risa Rehmert, Director of Program Development, Training and Employee Care, conducted KPBR’s latest monthly training session “Our Story, Their Story.” It was a message of hope.

Staff participated in group discussion, tabletop drawing collaborations, and other interactive exercises. This was done to gain greater understanding about behaviors and perspectives of youth who have been mentally and physically harmed. Garner said the training is designed to “provide you with the knowledge and skill set necessary to better engage the youth that we serve.” One exercise challenged staffers to consider how a young person’s traumatic experiences might influence interactions with staff. The training session also included two compelling videos: Josh Shipp’s “One Caring Adult” video and Dr. Nadin Burke Harris’ “How Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across a Lifetime.”

Here are other updates on happenings at KPBR, courtesy Justin Moody, our Executive Director of Residential Programs and Church Relations.

First, we recently added a flagpole. We want to teach our boys reverence, respect and other values such as honor, patriotism, and duty. Each house is responsible for folding, unfolding and displaying the flag as we gather each morning for the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer. Second, we added signage to help visitors and instill a sense of pride in place. The ranch attracts guests (caregivers, deliveries, service projects, etc.), so the signage helps improve our hospitality and communication.

Third, we are mindful that Christmas can be a “messy” holiday for our boys, some of whom have experienced rejection, separation, loss and other pain. As believers in Christ, we celebrate the birth of Jesus who also lived a “messy” life of rejection, separation, and loss. For the next few weeks, YH support staff is making a daily effort to connect with a boy specifically related to the holiday season. They are asking questions, encouraging prayer, and praying with them during the holiday season. What a privilege to acknowledge the imperfect circumstances of both our boys and the birth of our Savior and to share a message of hope: our Savior overcame the messiness through His life, service, death and resurrection. Please keep KPBR and our boys in your thoughts and prayers.





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