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Residential Staff Training

Residential Staff Training 


The Youth Horizons Residential Team participated in “Boys Town” training and certification, starting in mid January. The training is ongoing. The January session was done through live stream from the Boys Town National Training Center located in Boys Town, Neb. The trainer was Evelyn Wilson, Senior National trainer for Boys Town. Wilson has been involved with Boys Town since 1977, and has trained globally. Boys Town is a national leader in best practices for the care and treatment of youth with needs. Its mission work began about a century ago, with a focus on orphaned, abandoned and abused youth. The Boys Town training is an essential re-certification process, said Risa Rehmert Director of Program Development, Training and Employee Care: “It provides residential staff with tools to build therapeutic relationships, teach social skills, create a therapeutic culture and provide a motivational system that encourages young people to change unhealthy behaviors.”


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