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Matches Find a Nice Escape

Matches Find a Nice Escape

Last month, we had a shared mentoring experience that wasn’t planned. It involved three sisters (proteges) and their mentors. Two of the mentors are a mother and daughter (Gail and Valerie Wadsworth), both of whom thought it might be fun for their sibling proteges to join in on an outing together. They invited a third sister’s mentor (Carrie Crow), and her protégé. The group decided to go to the Entrap Games – Wichita Escape Game Experience in Old Town. It was spontaneous and definitely an outing to remember, especially following a few days of frigid weather that kept many people at home. The sisters, Amari, Aubriell, and Alaya (ages 8, 11, and 15, respectively) enjoyed the adventure and adrenaline rush of the unscheduled shared outing. Escape rooms are increasingly popular with youth and families. During the outing, the proteges worked with their mentors to complete puzzles, solve riddles, and decipher clues. They were on the final clue when a buzzer sounded, indicating the time was up. Even though they didn’t escape the room in the allotted time, they had a thrilling adventure. Part of the experience is a group photo, pictured here.


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