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Mentoring Matters More Than Ever

Mentoring Matters More Than Ever

We enjoy celebrating match anniversaries at Youth Horizons. Donna and Hanisha have been matched for three years, even staying in touch through the pandemic by following Covid-19 public safety guidelines. Recently, we celebrated their anniversary at Yo-B with frozen yogurt. Donna attends Central Christian Church and Hanisha is in 6th grade. They love doing arts and crafts together and have enjoyed the monthly match Art Nights sponsored by City Arts. The pair have even written a song about their friendship. Donna says Hanisha has become more confident over the past several years. Hanisha says she enjoys having Donna as a mentor partly because she is so kind. She also likes to hang out and try things she might not otherwise; a favorite activity is ice-skating. Donna isn’t a huge ice-skating fan, but she likes to watch Hanisha ice skate. There have been challenges along the way, but they enjoy their time together, building their relationship.


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