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Mentoring Through Model Classic Cars

Mentoring Through Model Classic Cars

David Lewis is a classic car guy, so he and his protégé Corban enjoy working on real and model cars. A match now for about two years, they recently built a scale model of a V8 engine. Their model is a motorized V8 engine that features ignition and engine sounds and has light up spark plugs. It is a clear plastic block, so you can see all the working parts moving when the engine is running. The project required talent and time.

Over a five-month period–during most of their weekly mentoring times on Thursdays–they built the engine, “I supervised and Corban put it together,” David explained. “After we were finished, I drafted a basic quiz for Corban to answer questions about how a V8 engine works as well as identifying specific motor parts on the motor. I told him he could leave the completed model at my home or take it home (he took it home).”

David takes Corban to local car shows to identify parts on an engine of a real car. “He surprises some of the old car guys with his knowledge,” he said. Next project? They are now working on building a 1968 Mustang Shelby GT model kit as well as a much more elaborate Lego bulldozer kit that will have remote control capability. The bulldozer kit is designed to introduce electronics and electrical concepts to Corban.




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