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Wren Funding

Wren Project Funding Needs

As you know for the past two years, we have been planning the launch of our newest ministry to serve girls in a residential program. We call this “The Wren Project.” The vision to serve girls has gained a lot of attention within the Youth Horizons community, and we know God has called us to do it and, accordingly, will provide. We are in the final stage of the Wren Capital Campaign to secure the necessary construction funds. We are able to proceed, but I ask that you join our team in praying that God will continue to provide as our community emerges from the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. We start construction in July. We will build two homes and a multipurpose facility. There are small projects that need funding. Please contact me personally if the Holy Spirit lays it on your heart specifically to support this ministry financially. We thank Hutton Construction for designing these facilities.



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