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Quarterly Message: Youth Horizons President Robert Garner

Greetings, I pray this quarterly message finds you well. The past few months, I have tried to be intentional during my quiet time to reflect on God’s provision. Often during my times of worry and doubt is when I experience abundance and see God’s provision fulfilled. At various times, I feel the weight of fiscal responsibility and stewardship over the ministry of Youth Horizons. While this weight tends to be heavy, I find myself encouraged and affirmed by what I call community.

Youth Horizons has an exceptional community. It is a community of prayer warriors, a community of exceptional volunteers and a community of financial supporters. We are better as a ministry because of our community. I feel it necessary to remind you of our appreciation and gratitude because you continue to walk alongside us in our mission to equip youth and families to be healthy and whole.

As we enter the holiday season, please choose someone to encourage on a regular basis. Pray for the boys at Kinloch Price Boys Ranch. Please pray that in their brokenness, they find the peace of God. Also pray for the families we serve. Continue to pray that families will come together in unity with gratitude and thanksgiving in their hearts. I pray we all experience hope, peace, love, and joy as we approach the coming advent season.


Mentoring – Our focus has been to reduce the number of youth on the waiting list. We especially need an abundance of male mentors. A large majority of our youth who are waiting for mentors are males. We have a waiting list of about 45 youth and 35 of them are boys. If God is stirring your heart to serve as a mentor, please do not hesitate to call and simply inquire. We will walk alongside you and your Protégé. We believe that every child is one caring adult away from being a success story (Josh Schipp).

Residential – We still have tremendous needs in our residential program at Kinloch Price Boys Ranch. We need volunteers to visit the ranch and spend time with the boys. Financial support to provide for their basic needs is always needed. Construction on the Wren property continues to go well. In fact, we are ahead of schedule and will soon have two residential facilities and a multipurpose and education building to serve girls. We are so incredibly excited to start this ministry. With that said, we have several initial needs. Special projects are a tremendous need. Those projects include irrigation, landscaping, furnishing the homes, and two seven-passenger vans.

Annual Budget – As we onboard the residential program for girls (see photos below), our annual budget will inevitably increase. Construction costs have risen and have created a shortfall in our capital campaign. We are serving more youth at the boys’ ranch and so the need for training and hiring additional staff is critical to the success of our ministry. I trust that God will continue to provide. I reach out to you sincerely asking you to continue giving financially next year and ask that if you are not currently giving, please consider doing so. Small amounts by many will help us meet our needs financially. Soon, you will receive a pledge card for a financial commitment for 2022.

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