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Graduate Spotlight: Trinity McQueen

Trinity McQueen, a Youth Horizons’ Protégé since 2015, is graduating from the Mentoring Program as well as her online high school. But she’s not done learning. Thanks in part to her Mentor, Bobbie Suttle, Trinity is continuing her education as a full-time student at Butler Community College in El Dorado. Trinity graduated from James Madison, an accredited online high school. Additionally, she has obtained a driver’s license and secured a part-time job. 

On June 2, Trinity was recognized at the annual Youth Horizons Awards Party at Northrock Lanes along with six other Protégés who graduated from the Mentoring Program. About 40 Protégés were recognized for accomplishing academic, life-skills and spiritual goals. All benefited from the steadfast support of their Mentors. 

Trinity attributes much of her success to her eight-year relationship with Bobbie, a member of Fresh Fire Church in Augusta, who has been a nurturing and encouraging Mentor. Trinity says Bobbie has guided her through her teenage years, taught her life-skills, shared her home and family, and supported her during health struggles. Bobbie’s presence in her life has been a calming, reassuring voice. Trinity is grateful for Bobbie. I remember her saying, “I’ll always be there for you and support you in any way that I can. You are like another daughter to me.” 

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