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2022 Mentors of the Year

(Linn Bertog – Left Picture – Holding plaque. Matt Hampton – Picture Right – Far Right)

Youth Horizons is blessed with many excellent Mentors who help guide, nurture and provide for their Protégés. To highlight their excellence, the Mentoring Team decided to annually name a male and female Mentor of the Year. The 2022 honorees, Linn Bertog and Matt Hampton, were announced at the 2022 Awards Party on June 2nd at Northrock Lanes. Their names are engraved on a Mentor Wall of Fame plaque on the second floor of the downtown office. Here is a summary of the honorees. 

Linn and Lizzie have been matched for more than eight years. Linn has been a great influence in Lizzie’s life and taught her a wide range of things including sewing, gardening and baking. They serve others together well as they recently connected with an elderly widow and worked in her flower bed. They also volunteer together at Second Blessing Thrift Store. 

Matt and Tristan have been matched for seven years. Their match is characterized by the fun and perhaps unusual things they do together. Matt has taught Tristan how to change a tire. He taught him clay target shooting, how to hunt and he bought him his first shotgun. It should be noted, too, that Matt is a longtime supporter of Youth Horizons. He supports Youth Horizons financially through a memorial fund established in honor of his late son, Levi. Those funds supported several Protégés who took a fishing trip on June 19 – 20 to Lake Texoma in Oklahoma. 

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