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Quarterly Message: Youth Horizons President Robert Garner

We have finally made it to the end and, thus, a new beginning: The Wren House for Girls will open soon. 

Three years ago, Youth Horizons started its journey of planning a ministry to serve girls in a residential program. Its vision was casted by the late Keith Wren. He gifted his estate, which included nearly 50 acres of land and one million dollars. His gift has been an amazing blessing to Youth Horizons. 

There has been abundant support, significant planning, constant prayer, and collaborative labor. Managing the project has not been easy. While there have been uncertainties on the journey, God continues to provide assurances. He has provided assurance through the work and generosity of many people. 

Early on, a task force was created to research the need, advise and pray over the ministry concept. Youth Horizons’ Board of Directors has provided great leadership throughout the project. Church and business support has exceeded expectations and many people have prayed for the ministry, for the girls we will serve, for financial provision and much more. Special thanks to Hutton Construction and Midwest Eclectic for the design and build phase of the project. Teamwork has been the biggest blessing for me personally and has yet again affirmed my belief in the sovereignty and goodness of God. 

The total project has exceeded two million dollars, and we are not far away from meeting our financial goal. We are currently working with the Department of Children and Families to complete the licensing phase and are only weeks away from opening the doors to the ministry. 

Please continue to pray for us, as we want to be responsive to the various needs of the girls at Wren. We want to nurture them and show them the love of Christ. We want to help make their lives better and help usher them into wholeness. I pray that the Holy Spirit will speak to your heart and that you will feel led to support the Wren ministry financially. I am asking and equally trusting that God will provide for our every need. 

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