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Heart of a Lion: Lawrence Elementary Keeps Roaring Ahead

The Lawrence Lions Elementary team began as a running club in 2016. Teachers Jeffrey Dohlman and Bryan Janzing wanted to inspire students from kindergarten through 5th grade to run, walk and exercise while having fun and staying healthy. Participating in a local race was one way their students could fulfill their goal. It was also a way for staff, students and parents to bond outside of school in a relaxed environment. In 2017, they discovered the Easter Sun Run through students who benefited from Youth Horizons’ mentoring program. Dohlman and Janzing’s 3rd, 4th and 5th graders participated in the Jeff Wenzel 2-mile walk/run event. Now, students ask to participate every year. The Lawrence Lions team has produced some fast runners. Two students and several staff members have won fastest in their age group at past events. “The best part about our school team is that we have students who return after elementary school to run with us at the Sun Run and have gone on to run in middle school and high school,” said Dohlman.

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