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Riverlawn Chases Largest Church Team Title

Riverlawn Christian Church supports Youth Horizons in many ways, including participation in the Easter Sun Run. This year, they are trying to win the Largest Church Team title, with more than 90 team members at the story deadline of the April newsletter. It’s a team effort led by Discipleship Pastor, Josh Gores. He has made it a priority to recruit church members each year by emailing past participants, mentioning the event during Sunday service and even producing comical videos challenging churchgoers to race him.

The Riverlawn team started during the virtual run of the 2021 Covid pandemic. Riverlawn hosted a virtual run at its church and about 30 members participated. Pastor Gores said, the event is a “great way of developing relationships.” Stay tuned to see if Riverlawn indeed wins the Largest Church Team title or gets run down by one of the competing churches, including Central Community Church, Orchard Community Church, Countryside Christian Church, Ridgepoint Church and Pathway Church.

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