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Residential Corner

It has been a productive year so far at Kinloch Price Boys Ranch (KPBR) and Wren House. KPBR usually serves 26-28 boys and provides respite overnight emergency placements. Wren House currently has two residential homes with five rooms each serving girls ages 13-18. Of the boys who are long-term residents, many are involved in the community through the USD 262 (Valley Center) school system. They benefit from technical electives and school activities as well as learning how to be successful in academics. The Wren House girls also attend Valley Center schools with the goal of increasing their academic progress.

Additionally, the boys are finding work opportunities through Youth Horizons partnerships and learning financial literacy. They will be participating in summer programs including volunteerism and recreational activities. The girls have been learning a wide range of life skills at Wren House (e.g., wellness, holistic safety, self-regulation, healthy relationships, cooking, painting, journaling, etc.). Youth Horizons is intentionally focused on getting the boys and girls out and involved in the community through programs, jobs, activities, and events hosted by the organization.


KPBR boys enjoyed a hands-on experience withKingdom Tiny Homes at a tour session of its facility.

The boys learned about manufacturing pre-fabrication components of tiny homes – small livingspaces that fall under a maximum of 500 square feetand can be built on either a mobile platform or apermanent house foundation. It was a fun learningexperience for the boys.


Wren House hosts Saturday Exploration Workshops for the girls to learn new things and have fun. The workshops are all volunteer-led by anyone with talent and knowledge they want to share with the girls. Linn Bertog led the first one. She taught the girls how to churn butter and make homemade cornbread. Exploration Workshops have been so successful. The girls love having company and learning new skills.“Farm Life” was a recent one that the girls enjoyed every minute of.


KPBR boys had a great spring break. They participated in a kickball tournament, ranch talent show, ice cream sundae bar and an obstacle course competition between the four houses. Staff tested the boys’ strength, wit, agility, endurance, and memory. Teamwork was required. The boys enjoyed the competition, which was done in good spirit.


Wren girls had the opportunity to go to prom this year.Staff had such a fun day making it special for them.The girls’ makeup, nails and hair were done, and theyenjoyed dinner before prom at Texas Roadhouse. Theywere so excited to get to attend this high schoolmilestone event.

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