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Youth Horizons / About

Youth Horizons is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to empower children and their families to become healthy, productive members of our community and to create an awareness for the needs of at-risk youth.

Our mission is fulfilled through three primary avenues:


Youth Horizons Mentoring Program

Staff members match hundreds of at-risk kids with Christian adult mentors. Mentor/protégé matches are supported year-round and mentors are provided with training opportunities and many planned mentoring events.

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Kinloch Price Boys Ranch Residential Program

Youth Horizons operates four group homes and creates a healthy Christian home environment for boys with severe individual and family challenges.

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Public Awareness

Staff members frequently teach, train and accept public speaking engagements. Youth Horizons also partners with like-minded organizations.

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Our Core Values

Gospel-Driven: We continually seek to show and share the Gospel to point others to Christ. The Gospel saves us, defines us, restores us, and propels us in everything we do.  

Commitment: We advocate passionately for the well-being and transformation of the youth and families we serve by being engaged, consistent, and persistent through trials and triumphs.  

Relationships: We empower those we serve to embrace their God-given worth and potential by building intentional relationships centered on honesty, respect, humility, and compassion. 

Professionalism: We pursue excellence in all that we do while maintaining an atmosphere that inspires confidence in our services through integrity, confidentiality, accountability, and transparency. We strive to always uphold research-based best practices. 

Community: We build strategic and creative partnerships in our community through local agencies, businesses, and churches that will holistically enhance the lives of the families we serve to achieve our mission.  We believe collaboration is essential for the long-term success of those we serve and for the growth of the organization.

Strategic Anchors

The following questions provide us with a framework to ensure our daily ministry is in line with our core values and mission:

1. Are we empowering children and families to be healthy and productive?
2. Are we creating an awareness of the needs of at-risk youth in a respectful way?
3. Are we demonstrating the love of Christ?
4. Are we making decisions above reproach and defined by professionalism?
5. Are we being efficient, effective, and a good steward of our resources?

Youth Horizons is always looking for new mentors, house parents and volunteers. Join us in our fight to Break the Cycle of Fatherlessness.