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Youth Horizons / Advocacy

Boosting Awareness

for At-Risk Kids

Awareness & Advocacy

Youth Horizons exists to empower children and their families to become healthy and productive members of our community and to create an awareness of the needs of at-risk youth. We do this through a number of social media platforms, speaking engagements, and through membership of both state and national mentoring associations.


Youth Horizons takes measures to ensure our mentors are adequately trained and equipped for mentoring. We do this through a mandatory Mentor and Advocate Training Orientation. Each training session is two hours in length and goes over the basics of mentoring in both school-based and community-based environments. Training sessions are interactive and mentors are encouraged to participate through questions and discussions. Each mentoring match is also assigned to a mentor coach whose purpose is to offer support, training, resources and more throughout the duration of each match.

If you are interested in having someone speak to your group about the needs of at-risk youth, please contact us or call us at 316.262.8293.

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