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Run as a Team to Break the Cycle of Fatherlessness

Encourage your coworkers, friends or your running pals to register as a team in this year’s Sun Run. We need team leaders with the enthusiasm and gusto to put a team together. We need you! Assemble a team of 25 or more for a Special Team Discount and an exclusive Sun Run tech shirt with your team name on the back.

The team deadline is March 7, 2016. All team registrations must be in by that date.

Steps for Leading an Easter Sun Run Team

Step 1

Fill out the form below to register your team name or email

Step 2

Receive your team promo code from Youth Horizons.

Step 3

Recruit your team members and encourage them to register online with the team promo code or ask them to give their paper registration forms to you.

Step 4

Download the team spreadsheet and fill out this form for all the people who register offline.

Step 5

Turn in your paper registration forms and payment to the Youth Horizons office by 6pmon March 6th. Email your completed team spreadsheet to

Commonly Asked Questions

What are my responsibilities as a team leader?

Recruit 25 or more friends and family! Your team can register either online or using paper forms. If you register using paper forms: gather registrations and money, and deliver it to the Youth Horizons office. After that, we take care of the rest!

What if I don’t recruit 25 people?

We have full confidence that you will be successful as a team leader, but on the off-chance that you fall short, we can add your registrations to another team or just ask your team members to make up the difference in cost by paying the extra $5.00. If you do fall short of the 25 people, your team will not receive a custom shirt.

Are there any ways to make it easier to recruit?

Email and we will email you registration forms and race information. This makes it easy to just make copies of registrations or email to your friends, group, list serve, etc.

Is there any prize?

Three awards are given to the teams with the largest numbers during the awards ceremony.

Do we all have to run the same race?

No. Each individual can choose their own race, or choose to come and cheer!

Can I pick up my team’s packets before the race?

It is not recommended that the team leader pick up all the packets, but informs their teammates to pick up their own.

Online, mail-in and team registration packets will be available for pre-race pickup Thursday, March 24 at Fleet Feet/GoRun 2350 N. Greenwich from 12pm-7pm, and Friday, March 25 at Fleet Feet/GoRun 2556 N. Maize from 12pm-7pm. NOTE: packets will only be available at the specified locations, and during the listed times.

What if I cannot make it to pick up my packet before the race?

Packets will be available in the Sunflower Shelter House the morning of the race.