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2021 Easter Sun Run

Go Team! Go Big!

Go big in your support for the work of Youth Horizons! Gather your friends, family and co-workers and start an Easter Sun Run team and make a big impact. When you go to register, select the race you would like to participate in and then next to it, select “join group/team.” Select an already existing team or start your own. Participants can select any race and be a part of your team when they register.

To get the team $5 discount, you must have at least 10 members on your team. To get your team name on the back of all participant shirts, you must have a team of 25 or more. While registering, the first 9 participants will pay the normal registration fee. Once your team hits participant number 10, everyone will be automatically refunded $5 and the registration for that team will automatically be $5 less from that point on. Team registration will close March 12, so we can order shirts!