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2023 Easter Sun Run

Go Team! Go Big!

Go big in your support for the work of Youth Horizons! Gather your friends, family and co-workers and start an Easter Sun Run team and make a big impact. When you go to register, select the race you would like to participate in and then next to it, select “join group/team.” Select an already existing team or start your own. Participants can select any race and be a part of your team when they register.

To get the team $10 discount, you must have at least 10 members on your team. To get your team name on the back of all participant shirts, you must have a team of 25 or more. While registering, the first 9 participants will pay the normal registration fee. Once your team hits participant number 10, everyone will be automatically refunded $10 and the registration for that team will automatically be $10 less from that point on. If you want to be part of a team of more than 25 to have your team’s name displayed on the event T-shirt, you must register by March 20. If you want to be part of a team of more than 10 to secure the $10 registration discount, you must register by April 7.

Team NameDescription
Calvary Chapel WichitaComprised of members of Calvary Chapel Wichita Church.
Central Community ChurchComprised of members of Central Community Church.
Countryside ChristianComprised of members of Countryside Christian Church.
Heritage Family CounselingComprised of a local family counseling group.
Lawrence LionsComprised of students, parents, and teachers to inspire community bonding outside of school to promote healthy habits, healthy lifestyles and create new friendships.
Orchard CommunityComprised of members of Orchard Community Church.
RidgepointComprised of members of Ridgepoint Church.
Riverlawn ChristianComprised of members of Riverlawn Christian Church.
She Runs This TownLocal chapter that supports women runners in the community and nationwide.
Team ZaneCreated in memory of Chad and Kaely Blasdel's son, Zane, who was stillborn on March 23, 2012.
Textron AviationComprised of the Textron Aviation Running Club, who is ‘One Team Winning Together’ as they embrace the challenge, motivate brothers and sisters, and persevere to finish the race.
Wenzel WarriorsCreated in honor of Youth Horizons' late co-founder, Jeff Wenzel. His family formed the team in 2010 in remembrance.