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Youth Horizons / Residential

The Kinloch Price Boys Ranch

Our residential program provides care for boys with severe individual and family challenges. In cases where living at home or in a foster home has been unsuccessful, Youth Horizons is equipped to help. Located on the outskirts of Wichita on North Woodlawn, the ranch serves boys ages 10-22. We have four family-style group homes that are fully operational, and have the capacity to care for up to 28 boys.

Please Note: ***At this time, we are only accepting boys who are currently in state custody***

If you know a boy in need of care, please refer him to our program by clicking here.

Kinloch Price Boys Ranch
Kinloch Price Boys Ranch
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Youth Horizons has helped many children over the years through the residential services of Youth Horizons. Our hope is that you find Kinloch Price Boys Ranch a place where your child can prosper. Here are some admissions highlights to help you determine if Kinloch Price Boys Ranch is a good fit for you and your child.

  • Kinloch Price Boys Ranch is for boys who need medium- to long-term residential care. We effectively provide treatment to boys whose needs can be met in an open, family-style and nonrestrictive environment. Youth are provided with age-appropriate responsibilities, freedoms and opportunities
  • Boys we admit for the first time are between the ages of 10–17.
  • We admit boys who have family problems and/or behavioral problems so serious that all other remedies have failed and the boy now needs to live away from home. Most of the boys we accept have already gone through family therapy and residential care has been a recommended option.
  • Kinloch Price Boys Ranch is qualified to treat children who have serious academic difficulties, but who are functioning in the normal range of intelligence. Our boys go to the local public schools in Valley Center, Kansas.
  • Our primary commitment is to serve children and families from Sedgwick and surrounding counties. Children are referred by social service agencies and private agencies like churches and counseling centers. Children are also referred by their parents or other legal guardians. Please Note: ***At this time, we are only accepting boys who are currently in state custody***

Youth Horizons Residential Information

Profile of Youth Served

Youth Horizons effectively cares for children who want a family environment but need more structure than a typical foster home can provide. Most of the children have been involved in the state social service system and experienced some type of out-of-home placement prior to coming to Kinloch Price Boys Ranch. Characteristics of the youth we have served in the past include runaway behavior, aggressive behavior, serious behavioral issues, lack of success in school, drug or alcohol misuse, and/or they are victims of physical or sexual abuse.

The boys who live at Kinloch Price are educated on-site at the ranch. The curriculum used is provided through the Valley Center USD262 school district, and a professional, on-site teacher oversees their education. Many residents are four to five years behind in reading and other subjects. The on-site teacher, coaching parents, and tutors help them reach academic goals. Each student is encouraged to be involved in extracurricular activities according to their individual talents, interests and goals.

We are not equipped to help every child referred to Kinloch Price Boys Ranch. Youth who are acutely dangerous to themselves or others, including actively suicidal youth, youth with psychotic-like behavior or youth who are sexual perpetrators require treatment in a more secure environment. Acutely drug- or alcohol-addicted youth are required to complete a professional treatment program before admittance. Youth Horizons is not equipped to care for children with an IQ at or below 74.

Youth Horizons serves families from a range of racial, cultural, socioeconomic and religious backgrounds.

Individualized Treatment

Individualized treatment goals are developed for each youth during the first few weeks of placement. Youth are active members of the treatment team, together with parents (when appropriate), guardians, family coaches, assistant family coaches, social workers and other professionals. As much as possible, family coaches work closely with parents and guardians to keep them involved and informed about a youth’s progress as family reunification is pursued.

Teaching Model Used at the Boys Home

Youth Horizons uses the Boys Town Teaching and Treatment Model. This time-tested tool for empowering youth is not a control or punishment model or a standard counseling model. Rather, it is a self-help model. Our goal is not to frustrate youth, but to help them meet their needs in pro-social ways. This requires a low tolerance for inappropriate behaviors, coupled with high warmth and praise for appropriate behaviors. Research indicates the model works. In one measure of success, studies show that 90 percent of Girls and Boys Town students graduate from high school.

Family Involvement in the Residential Treatment

Family reunification is vigorously pursued by the staff of Kinloch Price Boys Ranch. Family members are encouraged to be involved with their children who are staying at Kinloch Price. When appropriate, immediate family and guardians are invited to family activities and organizational events, and assist their child in reaching treatment goals. Children may go on family visits when approved by the child’s social worker and/or Kinloch Price Boys Ranch administration.

Length of Stay at the Boys Home

The average stay for a child in a Youth Horizons residence is 12 months. In some situations, placements have lasted more than two years. It is our desire that Kinloch Price be the last out-of-home placement for a child. When it’s in the child’s best interest (and with state approval) we are willing to have a child stay at Kinloch Price Boys Ranch until he is 22 years old.

Christian Focus of our Boys Home

Our youth come from a variety of religious backgrounds. A child does not have to be Christian or even interested in Christianity to live at Kinloch Price; they simply need to be willing to live in an environment where Christian principles are put into practice. Regular church attendance, devotional time, community service and Christian religious observances are routine components of our program. Youth Horizons, Inc. and Kinloch Price Boys Ranch are not affiliated with a specific religious denomination.

Expertise in Residential Care

The residential treatment provided by Kinloch Price Boys Ranch has been established through training from Boys Town, a program based around the belief that every child, regardless of circumstance, deserves the opportunity to succeed.

Experience in Residential Care

Youth Horizons has a rich history of serving boys with special needs. From 1996 to 2005, Youth Horizons cared for 75 boys through the Martin House, our residential facility located in downtown Wichita. The Kinloch Price Boys Ranch was established in 2007.

Contact Youth Horizons for further detailed admissions guidelines.