Youth Advocacy Work

They deserve a better future.

At Youth Horizons, we stand as advocates for our Wichita area kids, young adults, and their families in need of resources and generational change.

Using community collaborations, social media, training, and speaking engagements, we proactively engage to bring awareness to the challenges affecting our children and their families.

Our Mission

Founded on meeting needs one life at a time, today our involvement in youth advocacy stretches across the Wichita Community.

Understanding how problems pass from one generation to the next, we work to break the cycle and transform lives so that our vulnerable youth can contribute to society in productive ways.

Awareness & Advocacy

Change for brighter horizons.

Youth Horizons exists to empower children and their families to become healthy members of our community.

This is our calling, and we need our community to walk alongside us in support of the next generation.


Equipping advocates for hard (and heart) work.

Youth Horizons provides comprehensive training for our employees, volunteers, youth mentors, and other community advocates.

We equip them to enhance the lives of our kids and young adults who benefit from additional role models. Our training programs follow evidence-based research and best practices and apply a holistic approach building the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual parts of human wholeness.

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Together, we
can do more.

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