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Breaking the Cycle

Youth Horizons exists because God is the defender of the fatherless. He has asked us to be involved in His work caring for the fatherless and motherless in Wichita. Youth Horizons staff members and volunteers work tirelessly to mobilize the church to help meet the needs of these at-risk youth in Sedgwick County through our mentoring and residential programs.

By matching children in our mentoring program with Christian mentors and providing a safe and structured Christian home environment for boys in our residential program, youth and their families are empowered to become healthy, productive members of our community. The kids we serve represent all races and all socioeconomic conditions and include both boys and girls. Most of the youth we serve come from single-parent homes. Typically, the kids in our programs are being raised without the presence or influence of a father in the home.

The needs and risk factors associated with fatherless youth are staggering. Youth Horizons is committed to Breaking the Cycle of Fatherlessness and helping boost nationwide awareness and create urgency for the needs of at-risk youth.

The Research is Compelling

Kids growing up in single-parent homes have a tough road.

More Likely to Suffer Abuse

More Likely to Drop Out of School

More Likely to Become Pregnant as a Teen

Greater Risk of Poverty

Advocating for At-Risk Kids

In Wichita and Across the U.S.


Christian adult volunteers are matched with at-risk kids and commit to befriend, support, guide, and help them reach positive personal, spiritual, academic, and life goals.


Kinloch Price Boys Ranch and Wren House (for girls) provide a healthy Christian living environment for boys and girls with individual and family challenges in cases where living at home or in a foster home have not been successful.

Public Awareness

Through public speaking, training and partnership with like-minded organizations, Youth Horizons is boosting nationwide awareness and creating urgency for the needs of at-risk youth.

One Caring Adult

““Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story.”
― M. Scott Peck