REsidential Programs

A bridge to belong and become.

The Youth Horizons residential program provides a safe place for youth to find hope through evidence-based and trauma-informed methodology built on the foundation of faith.

Kids in our homes since 1996

Kids today

Who We Serve

No place like our homes.

Youth Horizons’ two residential campuses serve kids and young adults in foster care.

Some need more resources than a typical foster home can provide, and most have already been placed out-of-home through a social service program. Our trained, compassionate staff provides support and guidance for our kids and youth who struggle with behaviors rooted in past trauma. 

What We Do

Structure that restores hope.

With the residential program, our aim is to provide a safe environment that nurtures restoration, faith and growth. 

Through our extended care for youth in need, we offer individualized treatment that addresses their current needs and long-term goals. We empower our residents with age-appropriate responsibilities and freedoms as they work to build a strong foundation.

The boys and girls attend Valley Center public schools or are educated online at the residential campuses based on their individual plans and academic goals. Youth Horizons students are also encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities that further support their growth.

What does “youth at risk” mean?

Youth at risk is a term that refers to young people who face challenges or threats to their successful transition into adulthood.

We are shifting more and more away from using this term as it sometimes creates an unintended stigma for our kids and youth. These challenges or threats can include risk behaviors, such as substance abuse, school failure, and juvenile delinquency, or risk factors such as emotional or behavioral problems, truancy, and low academic performance. Youth at risk are less likely to achieve academic success, financial independence, have a smooth transition into adulthood, or contribute positively to their community.

Does the program admit youth from non-Christian families?

Yes, we welcome kids and families from many religious, cultural, racial, and socio-economic backgrounds.

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