Residential Program

Wren House

Not far from Wichita, girls in need find safety, nature, support, and a place to belong.



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About the Girls Houses

The Wren House facility meets a growing need for girls’ residential care in Sedgwick County.

The project was made possible by Keith Wren’s endowment of his 50-acre rural Valley Center property and seed funding. The facility features two homes that can house up to 10 girls aged 13–18. There is also a multipurpose education center, full residential services, professional staff, varied programming, and 24-hour surveillance.

Our Approach

Wren House offers specialized services such as early intervention programming, skill building, and mentoring. These services are designed to help residents develop life skills that will propel their transition back to family life, foster care, or independent living as productive citizens.

The Wren House has been a collaborative local effort involving Youth Horizons’s church partners, foster care advocates, and other stakeholders. Like KPBR, it uses evidence-based best practices and research-informed programming to guide residents on their path to wholeness.

What We Do

Structure that restores hope.

With the residential program, our aim is to mimic a safe, Christian home environment.

Through our extended care for youth in need, we empower kids by addressing their needs with research-driven approaches.

Reach out.

Get involved by supporting Youth Horizons, or contact us about program qualifications and admittance.

Wren House
2219 E 101st St
Valley Center, KS 67147