More Alike Than Different

boys at Kinloch Price Boys Ranch Youth Horizons

The boys at Kinloch Price Boys Ranch - Youth Horizons

In these times when differences often overshadow similarities, it’s crucial to recognize the universal experiences that bind us together. Kids in foster care, though faced with unique challenges, share more similarities with your own children than you might realize. They smile, they laugh, they get angry, and they say things they don’t mean – just like any other teenager. However, what sets them apart is the heartbreaking reality that they’ve been stripped of the choice to live with their family.

The trauma of separation from their biological family can cast a long shadow over their lives. It’s a wound that doesn’t easily heal and can manifest in various ways as they grow older. Some may struggle with trust issues, others with emotional regulation, and many carry a deep sense of loss and abandonment. These experiences can shape their world view and affect their relationships, education, and overall well-being.

Youth Horizons recognizes the profound impact of these traumas and works endlessly to support these kids and young adults on their journey to healing and wholeness. By providing a safe, nurturing environment, we offer more than just a shelter at the Kinloch Price Boys Rance and Wren House – we provide hope and opportunity. Through counseling, mentorship, and educational opportunities, Youth Horizons helps to identify and address the burdens carried by these kids and equip them with the tools to overcome adversity and have the chance to thrive.

Youth Horizons also understands the importance of fostering faith and resilience in these young hearts. By instilling values of compassion, forgiveness, and perseverance, we empower them to navigate life’s challenges with grace and dignity. In these ways, we aim to bridge the gap between adolescence and adulthood, guiding these kids towards a future of purpose and meaning.

In the end, the story of all kids in foster care is not one of despair, but of resilience and hope. Despite the pain they’ve endured, they possess an innate capacity for growth and transformation. And with Youth Horizons on their side, they have a chance to rewrite the narrative of their lives, embracing a future that is bright, whole, and filled with faith.

Photos: These photos were taken with the boys at Kinloch Price Boys Ranch during Spring Break. The ‘pie in the face’ game was a big hit – especially when they had the chance to pie Sr. Director of Residential, Tony Hager. There were challenges, trophies, and evenings out in the city. Everything that every boy – everywhere – loves to do.

Why are the faces blurred? We have strict privacy regulations that we follow for our kids in foster care. That’s why we blur their faces, or cover them with emojis when possible. But be assured, behind those blurs are smiles, frowns, bewildered looks, and smirks. Exactly what you’d expect from young adults posing for the camera!