Mentor Program

The Graduates – Youth Horizons 2023 Proteges Graduating Class

The month of May was an exciting time for many of our matches, especially our Protégés—13 of whom graduated from their respective high schools across the Wichita area.

The 2023 class represents one of the largest number of high school graduates ever from the Youth Horizons’ Mentor program.

Pictured left to right: Darren McClellan, Marshayla Phillips, Kaydon Moffet, Danyelle Pell, Dustin Bond, Alaya Lewis

The 2023 graduating class is made up of young people with successes, plans, and ambitions. Some are planning to continue their education by attending a university, a community college or a technical or trade school. One is graduating from high school and WSU Tech on consecutive days. Some will start jobs in the local workforce. One has enlisted in the US Army. One is engaged to be married in July after receiving marital counseling from his Mentor. Another is considering becoming a local freelance artist, inspired by an early experience drawing graffiti. Some are eager to enjoy their independence and move in with peer roommates. Some are planning to leave the Sunflower State for sunnier destinations.

All of the graduates benefited from their time as Protégés under Youth Horizons’ Mentors and they have expressed gratitude for the experience. Protégé Dustin Bond, who is preparing to continue his education at Wichita State University and major in elementary education wants the 2023 class to remember: “Be who you are, and don’t be afraid to stay weird.”

Youth Horizons’ Mentors benefited as well and have shared their gratitude for the opportunity to nurture, guide and shape young people. Dustin’s Mentor, Pastor Don Crowley, encouraged Dustin to remember a favorite verse, Proverbs 3: 21-22: “My child, don’t lose sight of common sense and discernment. Hang on to them, for they will refresh your soul.”

Following is a list of Youth Horizons’ 2023 high school graduates and their Mentors:

  • Jesse Archer – Derby High (Mentor Joe Warne)
  • Dustin Bond – Valley Center High (Mentor Pastor Don Crowley)
  • Thomas Brown – Wichita South High (Mentor Jeremy Chinn)
  • Giovanni Hernandez – Wichita North High (Mentor German Enriquez)
  • Chloe Horn – Newton High School (Mentor Patricia Kelly)
  • Josiah Lemay – Wichita East High (Mentor Ryan Woodruff)
  • Alaya Lewis – Wichita Chester Lewis (Mentor Carrie Crow)
  • Darren McClellan – Valley Center High (Mentor Greg Jackson)
  • Kaydon Moffett – Mulvane High (Mentor Lester Sims)
  • Janasia Murrell – Wichita South High (Mentor Ann Abel)
  • Marshayla Phillips – Wichita South High (Mentor Pam Christian)
  • Michael Thompson – Wichita North High (Mentor Pastor Jeff Isaacs)

Congratulations, graduates, and keep the faith as you embark on your life journey.